We see many patients with a wide variety of dental ailments. These cases cover a broad spectrum of veterinary dentistry, and we have learned a lot in treating these animals.

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Pet Root Canals, Tooth Abscesses and Tooth Infection

Broken teeth are very common in both dogs and cats. When a tooth fractures into the inside of the tooth, or the root canal, the tooth quickly becomes infected. This infection occurs in the bone where the tooth roots are located, resulting in a tooth root abscess. A tooth root abscess can cause significant health concerns for our pets, as they can fester for long periods of time before outward signs are apparent. This means that our pets often suffer with infection long before it is discovered. Long term tooth infection has been shown to cause other systemic diseases, including but not limited to, heart and kidney disease.

Please have your pet evaluated as soon as you notice any signs of tooth fracture.

Signs of Tooth Fracture:

  • loss of tooth structure (an indication of an opening into the root canal)
  • red or brown spots on the surface of the tooth
  • swelling around a tooth
  • redness around a tooth
  • inflammation around a tooth
  • facial swelling
  • reluctance to chew or play with toys

Fortunately, tooth infection can be treated or even be prevented with proper care. Root canal treatment is a service provided at Advanced Pet Dentistry to save broken teeth and keep teeth free from infection.